Automatic Wire-cutting Machines


Example of an Automatic Wire Cutter

At home, there are plenty of tools that can be used to slice up long pieces of wire. A pair of pliers, for instance, can comfortably cut about any length of wire depending on factors such as the size of the pliers and the amount of effort used.

However, when great precision is required, a pair of pliers would be the wrong tool to use, and this is mainly because of our human error. In industries, special kinds of machines enable effective cutting of wires with minimal help from a human being.

For smaller industries, automatic wire-cutting machines prove to be a cheaper, faster, and easier way of cutting wires. Though they cannot be compared to the ones used in large industries, their capabilities extend far beyond what a mere pair of pliers can do.

Types of Wire-cutting Machines

Automatic wire-cutting machines are categorized depending on the size of wire they can cut. In most cases, the hook-up wire and the flexible tubing are the two things that can give you an estimate of the kinds of wire that can be cut by the machine.

Different manufacturers will come with various types of wire-cutting machines that have some special features, but the only distinct features that they have are usually the kinds of wire that they cut.

Features of an Automatic Wire-cutting Machine

Batch Wire-cutting
Batch wire-cutting involves the cutting of several lengths of wires simultaneously. Automatic wire-cutting machines with this feature are far better than those that can only cut a single length of wire within at any one time.

Programmable Count
When dealing with several pieces of wire, it is possible that you may want to know how many wires have been processed and how many are left unprocessed. An automatic wire cutter that has this feature enables you to know the precise number of cut and uncut wires so that you won’t be burdened with the task of having to count the wires yourself.

This feature enables you to choose the length of wires that you require. Some automatic cutters additionally make it possible to have a variety of lengths of wire such that some of the wires can be cut shorter than the rest.

What to Look For When Buying an Automatic Wire-cutting Machine

Besides the three features of a wire-cutting machine that we’ve looked at, there are quite a number of things that also need to be considered before purchasing the machine.

1. Size
A typical automatic wire-cutting machine spans a length of about seven inches in length, width, and height. More complex wire-cutting machines can be about 60 inches long, but this additionally gives them more functionality such as improved accuracy.

The size of the wire-cutting machine should be directly proportional to the amount of work that you intend to use it for. This prevents you from overburdening the machine.

2. Amount of Power Required
In the United States, most basic wire-cutting machines only require the regular 120V supply. More demanding wire-cutting machines may require slightly higher amounts of voltage than this in order to operate, but for small workshops, a voltage supply of 120V would be sufficient.

3. Microprocessor Specifications
A microprocessor makes it possible for the wire-cutting machine to do all its tasks automatically.

An automatic wire-cutting machine with a faster microprocessor can handle more instructions and consequently improve the overall efficiency of the machine.

4. Cut Length
Under cut length, there are two main things that you should consider. These are cut length mode and cut length accuracy.

The cut length mode allows you to switch between metric units and imperial units.
The cut length accuracy, on the other hand, gives you a rough idea of the amount of error you should expect when using the wire-cutting machine.
You should make sure that this value is below 5% so that your wires do not end up being uneven.

5. Maximum batch quantity
If you were planning on cutting hundreds of wires at the same time, you should remember to ask about the maximum batch quantity since it determines the number of wires that can be cut simultaneously.

Advantages of Automatic Wire-cutting machines

Besides the convenience that they offer, wire-cutting machines make things much simpler. The kind of work that would be required by a bunch of men can easily be done in some hours with an automatic wire-cutting machine. More at http://www.eraser.com/wire-cable-tubing-cutters/.